Campaign 1 - Homeless High Fashion

The Homeless High Fashion Campaign is Zmear Kallé’s vision to bring more awareness of homelessness in Atlanta, Ga and abroad through our unique high fashion meets homelessness prespective. Does our fashionable status quos skew our perspective of our connection to all that exist? Do you feel entitled or better than someone because of the designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, cars you may wear or drive? 


Zmear Kallé recognizes the importance of the collective whole; how we influence one another; and the woes of promoting oneself above another. With nearly 6,000 Metro Atlanta homeless individuals and counting we have direct experience with the societal reactions towards the homeless. The Homeless High Fashion campaign was created to help the "Unsheltered" homeless people in the metro Atlanta area.  We All Matter! 




Designer: @zmearkalle

Photography: @gotkt @6ixtyframes

Models: @brettalexzandier @yasmeanmonique @kingofandrogyny 

Location: Atlantic Station

Year: 2016