Silver Lining Fashion Show

Zmear Kallé, a visionary fashion designer, first ignited  the spark for "The Silver Lining" during Fayetteville's inaugural Juneteenth event in 2022. His "Kulture" collection, showcased amid his mother's courageous battle with illness, marked a poignant moment as she witnessed the runway unfold before her. Despite her absence from many of ZK's previous shows, the Juneteenth event became a cherished memory as he unexpectedly spotted his parents in the audience.

Driven by his mother's inspired vision, they dreamed the together of a spectacular show named "The Silver Lining." Tragically, her passing on March 11, 2023, cast a shadow over Zmear Kallé, leading him into a period of introspection and creative dormancy. Yet, on January 21, 2024, in the depths of his struggles, a poignant realization echoed his mother's voice, urging him to rise from despair.

Embracing fashion as his sanctuary, ZK emerged from his hiatus, finding solace in the creation of "The Silver Lining." This project, born from grief, carries the profound message that even in life's darkest moments, hope and happiness can manifest. The show serves not only as a tribute to his mother's enduring spirit but also as a testament to the resilience found in embracing the brighter side of adversity.

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