The A.A. Meeting

Welcome to our collective A.A. Meeting a.k.a. “Attraction Over Assertion”. For the past few weeks I have been rendezvousing with reflections who are overwhelmed with their realities. The common trends I hear, see, feel and know in these blessed dialogues are the over assertion of energy coupled with the lack of the art of allowing to other’s beliefs or plainly open dialogue. There are those who feel the need to tell everyone how to live, where to go, who to be. Then we have those individuals who can dish out but aren’t allowing to the receiving process. The Holy Bible in Hosea 4:6 enlightens us, “My people perish for the lack of knowledge.” 

Hear me today and hear me clear. You are living in an attraction based universe not an assertion based universe.(  “What does this mean Zmear?,” you may ask...simple; we are magnets equipped with a North and South Pole. We are magnetizing and repelling realities we may or may not like.  How open and allowing are you? Do you exert massive energy but the receiving process isn’t as clear as you desire? 

WE discover through these conscious conversations that many continue to contradict their own beliefs and are weary in well doing. They are experienced in the “suffering to gain” mindset with their certificates in depression and suicide. We listen, feel and then speak to the little voice inside us that is assisting in our collective and individual ascension. 

Every night we recollect on our recent experiences and how well did we react to those experiences? We do not concern ourselves with how others react to us yet we focus upon our emotional exertion and our audience. Every great rising we restart with our affirmations/prayers. Every day when we arise back into this reality we send our appreciation to the Universe, God, The All, Oneness, The One, Yahweh, The Light, Love. Whichever name you call The Source connect with that one there’s no sound reasoning for exerting your assertion energy to defame all other names besides the label you have the closet relationship with. This isn’t the time nor space to prove how your God is more powerful than other gods. We are asking you to stand strong in your beliefs by just being. What’s understood doesn’t need to be said. 

Take your power back by resting in your inner knowing that all is well. You are taking the path of least resistance. No need to force anything on anyone else or yourself any longer. You are not in a competition. Your back isn’t against the wall. You’ll always have a choice towards change; a choice for freedom; and a choice to be who you desire to be today. Your tomorrow is not today and that goes for your yesterday. Moderation is key with a heart set on balance.

If you over exert your energy in work, relaxing, shopping, exercising, drinking, smoking, intimate engagements...take a step back and share your focus with other aspects of your life that also adds to your happiness. Are you high on life or death? Are you intoxicated by high percentage libations or drunk on love? Again, nothing is bad by universal laws but the overindulgence of anything is unhealthy for mind, body and soul. 

To my leaders, gurus, pastors, and all the alike; there’s a slight difference between authority and control. Authority comes with respect which is an energy that exudes from within. When you respect yourself the universe reciprocates. I can get the devil himself to assist me with something that will bless the collective. Control is manipulation which is an assertion of energy usually fear to puppeteer others into assisting in your personal gain. Control doesn’t last forever because everyone has a choice to wake up or remain sleep.

Are you still awake in our A.A. Meeting (Attraction Over Assertion)? 🧐😏☺️

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