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ZK Reloaded

Regular price $100

ZK Reloaded is an innovative program where you, the customer, can send us your unwanted clothes and we will RELOAD/ recycle them into a new custom design.

Do you wish you could rock everything in your closet? Imagine wearing your high school prom gown as a blazer or strutting in your “smooth operator” tuxedo as a winter PeaCoat. ZK RELOADED is here to help heal your closet’s bipolar syndrome. We are taking “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” to another level!  Limitless designs for a limited budget.

ZK RELOADED produces the following results:


  1. Revitalized custom designs
  2. Stronger eco-consciousness
  3. Money in the bank



All ZK RELOADED services are custom hand made. 100% Guaranteed! When you send us your clothes we revitalize them into something new and fresh. 



We’re all here striving for what’s next. Some say it’s minimalism; others, new world order. Whatever is next is now and right now being more eco-conscious is imperative. Awareness of your moral choices, actions and responsibilities adds into you next now of abundance.  We believe we all have a responsibility to maintain the beauty of Earth through ZK Reloaded. 


Think about it...add up how much you truly spent on all the clothes you need recycled. We are providing custom designs with your old clothes for the affordable price of $100. That means for you who spent $1000 on your wedding gown can spend 10% of that cost to have your wedding gown ZK Reloaded into a lace trench coat.  



The ZK RELOADED process is convenient and easy. Send us the clothes you desire recycled by any means necessary. For local customers (Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas) they can drop off their clothes at ZK Boutique by scheduling an appointment. The customer is responsible for the initial drop off, pickup, shipping and handling.  We’ll create something new out of the old and ship it back to designated sender. All outgoing  domestic orders are Standard Ground Shipping unless customer desires order to be expedited.