Do You Know Who You Are?

Today, right now, you have a choice to have a mind for yourself or suffer from self mutilation and self hate. Misery loves company and the ego will try anything to beat and be better than everyone else. Like the person running harder in the desert to beat his friends and family to water. This guy, right?!!  It is said in a story told to me in grade school that the tortoise and hare had a race to destiny and the least likely participant, the tortoise rose victorious over the hare.

This exact story is played out by many in life who call themselves the hare. They rush to do everything such as; seeking approval from others (people pleasing), denying life’s clarity, running away or toward something, jumping down the rabbit hole. We can recall the hare from Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit and his hasty concern “Oh dear, oh dear, I shall be too late.” 

What’s the rush? Many would love to say they overstand themselves and at least say they understand how both worlds (physical and spiritual) work intertwined as such. A delicate weaving of a beautiful lifespan tapestry of choices in The Tapestry Room in The Temple of Wisdom and Knowledge holds our so called failures and let downs; when in fact we let ourselves down by not being ourselves and believing in ourselves. We choose to beat ourselves up and down; side to side, with no regard to the collective consequences of consciousness. In other words, no one is sitting up high and judging you for living your life but there are natural and universal laws we must abide by while here in/on Earthschool. 

Let’s say that again...there are councils, orders, ascended masters, angels, fairies, mermaids, gnomes, and all manifestations of thought forms; demons, fear, sickness, anxiety, and beliefs that exist to maintain order but not to condemn. For example, a school system has laws, bylaws, procedures and rules set in place to maintain some sense of order over property and those who abide within during expected operating hours. Those who trespass or bring illegal drugs and or firearms are dealt with accordingly. Yet some still disregard universal and physical laws all the same and show up to school boldly with illegal substances and firearms and yes some follow through with their intentions. Micro level even the individual teachers have classroom rules that are to be respected and abide by. That which we call and perceive to be bad isn’t received in the same vibration spiritually but seen as act of ego and freewill co-creating.  (Root Chakra and Solar Plexus) 

The mere difference between a so called hero and villain is that a hero rules from all chakras equally. A hero may even start out ruling only from the Root and Solar Plexus Chakra which is “I have something to prove and protect and I have the will power to see it to the end.” Which soon transmutes to all Chakras because every hero knows that they are never alone and one is connected to all that exist. You can get no other numbers unless you start with one. Once that’s understood; innerstand this, the zero is more important than one. Not only do the rappers tell you that those commas and zeros are way more important than how many ones but meditation and positive intentions is your zero point; your ground zero; your inner peace. Who would care if they only had a one with six zeros? The sound of peace on a cold morning, snow on the ground and coffee in hand. Add one child outside playing and that peace is altered slightly...add a family of three and you might as well watch and enjoy. The path of least resistance is watching the family enjoy life or go inside and create peace. Not complain about how you were outside first or how you were just enjoying yourself and such and such had to know the rest. 

The villains you know to be are the ones who used to be heroes or have the ability to do greater things than their past four fathers and chose the same path. Do you know who you are? What powers you possess? Have you gone within lately checking in with your emotions? Are you feeling helpless or overwhelmed energetically emotionally? Great day! Let’s start anew today! 

We are what we eat, speak, breath, believe and consume. We allow ourselves to enjoy and indulge but what are we digesting? We are to trust the process and not rush the process. 

What do we regurgitate to ourselves and others? Does it bring growth, happiness and ultimately peace of heart and mind? We are all on our aligned path reaching the same destination we know to exist.

Heart and mind these words when we feel, think and speak lowly of ourselves:

“Everything is working out for me, everything is working out for me, I have everything I need and more than enough, everything is working out for me. All the time!” -Queen Clarity

With peace and love. 

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