Earth School: 1st Grade Abundance

Whatever you think seems lost or missing isn’t that at all which you believe. I am always gaining, adding and multiplying to my highest degree of love and clarity. Those that choose to subtract and divide demonstrate various levels of fear, lack, doubt and limitation. Have you ever “lost” your car keys while headed out the door? Or was searching for vital information that seems to be “missing”? Of course in many cases what I perceived lost was usually right up under my nose.

Did you realize that things lost or missing are always found once you release the idea that their even lost? What a powerful mind we have! There’s even times when I feel like a trick is being played on me because I could’ve sworn that I had placed my keys in its usual spot. All things happen for a reason; nothing happens by chance!(The 7 Hermetic Principles: Cause and Effect)

In the beginning, I have found myself having the same experience; destroying the house to find something so small with a big responsibility, racking my brain with recall exercises, and replaying recent scenes from my day to pinpoint exact location of action. The fit I was wearing out is now drenched in sweat, I’m parched and a little frazzled but not discouraged. Deep within everyone there’s a small quiet voice that reassures one of one’s own profound abundance. Reminding you in times of loss that all things are as they should be!

What is abundance? According to; abundance is described as a very large quantity of something.  My belief is that I have a large quantity of everything I need in this life journey and the next. With every great day/moments more addition and multiplication of manifestations are revealed to me. One plus one will always equal two if you do not believe you possess an infinite amount of deliberate creativity. Those who clinches to fear and limiting perspectives will only perceive what they’ve been taught to see or not see. On the other hand, I know that infinity is comprised of one. If I have one then I have many; all I need is creativity and that requires the releasing of the specifics.

You know those high expectations that continue to let you down. Remaining open and general to the unknown concerning fun and ease in this life experience has afforded me great insight. Abundance is here to assist in one’s own self-worth and normalcy. Well being is the default. I am excited about all the possibilities where all opportunities are available to me.

Speaking high vibrationally causes expeditious manifestations. The more I practice high vibrational intentions the more it seems that time dissipates. Waiting for nothing; ready for everything! Never late; never rushing! Riches, fame and fortune are connected at the hip of abundance and greed is the overindulgence of the specifics of it.

Overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual balance is needed to obtain true abundance. I have learned that I must love myself unconditionally without being specific about the here and there’s. Casting no judgment also provides safe passage to the land of abundance. Focusing not on what others think about my vision but focusing on how much fun and ease I’m having actualizing my vision. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “One mans trash is another man’s treasure”? This is true due to the level of belief of abundance within the man. What one takes for granted another is souly appreciative. Let go of fear for it doesn’t serve your highest good. I am connected to all there is and is to come therefore I am satisfied physically and full in spirit. Know that all is well! 

I know that I have everything I need and more than enough. Therefore, I am never lacking in anything; I am always building upward on the foundation of my heart’s desires. What are your true heart’s desires? Are they superficial? Do they lack creativity? Do they contain fear of the unknown? I’m here to tell you to trust the process and never rush the process. Allow the unknown for there are great gifts of love and clarity sprawled on the unbeaten paths. With every new day I commission myself to breathe deeper with an all day affirmation and I have recorded it below for all to experience this new feminine energy of abundance. Enjoy! 

Congratulations! On your power manifestations. Speaking high vibrations, Settled down by meditations. No limitations! No not one! I did that; We did that. We are I; So I did that. You and we are so welcome. And so it is. 


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