Start your engine. READY..SET...GO! Rev your engine. Don't do it for show. Feel how you feel. No seat belt needed. For you know that you know that you are safe. There are no brakes available on this journey. You are built to keep moving never stopping without concerning. No music necessary, for you are at harmony with oneself. You are prepared for this moment because you are present.  So, accelerate! Begin the process moving forward from where you are to who you are presently. MOVE FORWARD! 


Look to your left and to your right. Accept all your shadows as well as your light. Every bump on the road is an unconcern, no need to halt your term. On to the next pothole only to create bridges over troubled waters. Doing business as usual finishing on top in the fourth quarter. No excuses, no gas stops, no hungry thirsty lie. All energy needed comes from within on high. ONWARD on cruise control. 


RA! RA! RA! The SUN rises again. The truth unfolds within. The fears I possessed have lowered in standards for survival. The hopes/dreams that seemed so far fetched are realized as vapors of present tangible memories. The passengers I have picked up along my journey have all been dropped off. I am only left with myself. Like a cannon I thrust into the air with the opportunity to continue my journey with wings. I am funneled into a new experience with learning oneself without the earthly cling. Through pressured turbulence I have learned that I am that I am. That I belong in the cold empty space because I am full of heat. I am comfortable in the shadows for I am the light. I accept that I am everything and nothing! I am here and I am not. INWARD is the only destined direction for I've been without for too long.


"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Ermerson 


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  • Beautiful. Great job Zmear!

    • Kia Anthony
  • (IN)novative !!

    Forward Onward Inward has left me with imagery that causes me to want to refine my souls Inward purpose and speak to it, in only a language only understood in absolute truth and focus.

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