I Think, I Believe; Therefore, I Know!

Great Day Most Abundant Reader,

I know many can see something epic unfolding here on our Earthly plane. Our very perception of how we navigate through this co-creation of a masterpiece is expanding. Reshaping the very essence of our internal lives. I would like to believe that we are aware of beauty when we experience it. Today let’s discuss my perceptions and interpretations of this photo shot by Magic Eye Luxury Portrait Studio featuring professional freelance model, Tara “Love” Clarisse (MUA: Renee Effect).

We can dissect this photo into puzzle pieces and place them back together effortlessly. We won’t...however I think it’s safe to say we all can perceive this photo having significant relevance to living life itself.

I believe life is like an amusement park filled with many rides, attractions, and more importantly; choices. I believe many individuals use their power of choice to choose various rides in the amusement park of life that doesn’t serve their highest good. I believe we can agree to disagree that there are a few major categories of people who display distinct repetitive behaviors. I believe the first category are the individuals who love the Merry-Go-Round. We see these individuals using the excuse of procrastination for their own choice to take things slow, slower than it needs to. Believe me I can agree that even I choose this ride sometimes and I take full accountability for the lack of use of patience.

The second category are individuals who love the bumper cars. These individuals blame others for being abused, bumped, and pushed aside. Some may have a friend or two that always magnetize low vibrational experiences that results into them either being thrown off the ride prematurely; transcending or traumatically experiencing the same ride over and over again because your belief is your reality.

The third category I believe are the individuals who thrives on the thrills and games within the game. These characters play checkers in a life game of chess. We have heard there call to action, “Step right up, the water is fine. All you have to do folks is hit this bottle three times with this little ball and you win a teddy bear.” Simple right? Wrong!  Stop drinking the kool-aid with all that sugar that’s diluted but not deleted. 

I know this may be a lot so let’s take this in dosages.

I know there are some who dwell in the fourth category. This category are for the individuals who seek the latest, biggest and best rides in the amusement park and then create loops. These individuals are set aside because they are unlike the other three categories. These people are go-getters, thrill seekers with maturity but sometimes no independence. I didn’t say hustlers.  A hustler falls into category three; playing a game within a game within a game; waste of time and energy.  Category four people are individuals who no longer complains about climbing mountains because they know they are the mountain. Everyone wants to at least be in this arena of confidence once or twice in their life. You know, skydiving or rock climbing life’s experiences with a pep in your step, a smile that shines on a cloudy day and the inner-reassurance that you are on your right path, taking the path of least resistance, there’s nothing in your way but yourself...so move out of your own way. Once we move out of our own way we experience not only the freedom of choice but freedom itself. We no longer use the tool of love to love other things that doesn’t produce love. We partake no longer in using our power of freedom to chose a bigger cage of bondage.

As the model, Tara Clarisse,  holds onto her love (heart in photo) she knows that she is aligned to her higher-self; God. She can kick her feet out and relax easy thinking about her choices; believing in her foundational independence; and knowing she is covered whether underwater or on the cliffs of life. She does this with ease and with spunk. Trendy festive colors keeps the eyes and mind moving left to right, up and down. Here we have the last category, the individual who rides the big rides and then creates their our own big ride/amusement park. I always say we are not here to repeat history; altogether, we are here to create anew. 

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  • Totally enjoyed this heart felt eye opening read. Wishing you endless adventures & continued success through all of lifes beautiful transitions.

    • Melvin McGee
  • Keep up the great work zmearkalle . Keep pushing towards the stars

    • Natasha Parker