My reaction to any and all experiences are the most important to me. It’s called choice; a freedom in which you can choose from various realities the desired outcome to an ongoing experience. With your choice comes reasoning and your reasons to get out of the bed on this great day is different from your neighbors’ but still yet the same...choice; purpose; a willingness to experience the experience. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/choice

“K” in #KULTURE stands strong and tall for Kallé. The letter K in Hebrew represents the palm of hand and force; K is also the eleventh number of the alphabet and y’all know how much we love the number eleven. [*Side note: While I was proofreading, “...y’all know how much we love the number eleven.” Queen Clarity inquired, “isn’t it 11:11?” I looked at the time on my phone and sure enough it was 11:11am. Divine Synchronicity!]

According to https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/culture CULTURE is the enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training. Google defines CULTURE as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. 

Recently, I have been experiencing an influx of love energy beyond words; sometimes all I can do is jump up and down, run around and yell with my head lifted up due to the surge of love that my physical body enjoys dearly but is still learning how to rest easy on autopilot. Imagine feeling a stadium full of fans cheering for a touchdown or goal or 3-pointer, but all inside you and try to keep still and quiet. I’ll wait...

Growing up in Fayetteville, NC; digesting magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar I programmed myself for the okie doke. My belief to become a famous fashion designer by having an entourage of “light skinned”, petite, 6 foot models was cliché and primitive compared my present state of heart and mind. Separation and colorization are not the answers to anyone’s success but for a fashion designer in an industry that’s  “taking their horse to the old town road and riding till they can’t no more...,” new ideas remain close or well within the original vision of the “light skinned” industry. I’ve realized that many models have their focus on exposure rather than a focus upon monetary compensation. A great deal of models have a clear concept on time for print (TFP) but not an intentional focus on budget for energy. 

As a designer I can bring clothes all day to a shoot or show but if there’s no one to wear them then I just brought clothes. Fashion photographers can say the same as well as makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, nail technicians, and the list goes on; all are aware they have no purpose in fashion if they’re not using a model of some sort. Models are not wire hangers they’re more like diamond encrusted mannequins; real models that is! Models who can smile in a photo and bend over isn’t a real model; they’re what I call “pretty little girls.” Throughout my journey I have experienced models who can change their appearance/countenance in every shot; while getting dressed in extreme elements. I strive to compensate or gift models the same as I compensate other artist’s businesses. They are one in the same. 

Ultimately I desire everyone to love oneself, build healthy connections, release attachments that are limiting oneself from the true greatness that is present in your now. I desire not only for  models but for everyone to build self-worth which builds value. No one can take your value unless you give them a piece of the pie. #TheJeffersons

#KULTURE is a more in-depth movement; it’s a movement that begins from within and then progresses outwardly by default. The energy of #KULTURE is continual, cultural, compassionate, peaceful and highly influential. Drowning in appreciation and gratitude is #KULTURE. An empty well can’t give water and if I ask you for something to drink I desire something full please and thank you. #KULTURE is knowing that the glass is always full of abundance. 


Thank you to the ZK #KULTURE Model Tribe  for pumping the love on the runway/stage on June 15, 2019 at the Juneteenth Freedom Festival downtown Fayetteville Festival Park. Special thanks to Linda Fripp, Mother of #KULTURE Tribe for providing some of the photos and to my family who supports my visions!  ZK #KULTURE Model Tribe (ZKKMT): Brandi Crenshaw; Asia Fripp; Lindsey Locklear; Pershian Thompson; Shamika Peterson; Porsche Malbry; Alisha Nelson; Megan Rushmore; Keara LeNae; Tara Clarisse. (Bridget Wilson) Book us for your next event. There’s no entertainment that brings enlightenment like we do! 

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