Embracing Change!

Is the customer always right? No! Can I always learn something of value from my customers? Yes! It’s very rare that I rendezvous with “hard to work with” customers; however, there are those times when even my most minimalistic  customers desire something outside the box. To my fellow designers we know what this look, sound, and feels like when a preexisting customer contacts us with an “odd” design idea. They’ll say, “I think I’m ready to push past my fear of wearing...,” and then we respond overjoyed on the edge with perfect composure, “Well alright...(deeply looking into their eyes for reassurance) let’s see what you have so far and I’ll take it from there.“

I do believe rules are created to be broken. Those who created the rules, in fact, created the rules in fear or confidence that they would be broken. Also someone was an example of unruliness which sparked the idea for rules to be manifested. 

Envelopes are sealed to be broken. I’ve sealed many envelopes and sent them to my customers with great intentions for them to read the content inside. I was well aware subliminally that in order for my customer to read the content they must break the seal.

Boxes are built to be crushed. When I’m  preparing a package for my customer I choose the best box size that my customer’s order fits in properly. I seal the box and send it to it’s desired destination. My customer unseals the box, removes the content,  breaks the box down and throw it away. 

What’s the point here? It’s alright to change, grow, expand and explore. I desire to see you challenge yourself and challenge others. I want you to think outside the box. My greatest passion is seeing genuine happy customers who hosted some level of doubt, limitation and or fear in the beginning process but then blossoms into a boundless, limitless, fearless being. Through fashion I have experienced complete 360 degree turnarounds. There’s an energy connected to fabrics, colors, prints and silhouettes.  

I recently rendezvoused with my newest customer, Mr. Gold. He is a like minded being who values quality over quantity. We scheduled a consultation where I recorded one page full front and back of his vision and ideas for this custom PeaCoat he desired to see among his repertoire of outerwear jackets. We bounced ideas back and forth until we solidified a unique design that best accentuated Mr. Gold’s personality and character. 

Mr. Gold desired a teal houndstooth printed wool PeaCoat with charcoal gray accents and large gold buttons. He wanted a charcoal gray, Charleston collar and the length of coat a little past his knees. In the back he expressed his need for an adjustable charcoal belt and inside of PeaCoat he requested a hidden pocket with small gold button and loop. Mr. Gold is a very detailed-oriented individual and an architect who will continue to add and subtract as needed until the vision is on good foundation. Foundations that will not break or crumble such as the great Pyramids of Giza or Stonehenge or the House of Chanel. I learn something valuable with my customers every time I am open to learning and comprehending the opportunities for growth. Every opportunity is for my highest good because my intentions to connect with like minded reflections affords me opportunities to be one with another version of myself. What can I learn from another reflection? What value can be shared amongst each other when we embrace change? 

Sharing your experience with us and the world is a great start for the beginning of learning. We grow when we know! Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing and advertising so let’s speak boldly about our experience with artists. Leave a review, comment and or share creations that touches your soul. 


“I am different; but confident. I’m a go getter and a trendsetter. I feel like I made it...and now it’s time to make more.” -Mr. Gold


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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  • I ABSOLUTELY love the encouraging words. I am ready to press forward with my gift of creative story telling. I can visualize it now, my stage play being performed nationwide with Zmear’s designs accomadations. Yesssss, you stratch my back and I’ll stratch yours whenever deem possible for exposure.
    Much love & continued success my friend.

    • Ankh T. Seshat