Are you looking for a change of sensory in your home, apartment, or commercial business? Yes you heard us right, “sensory” not scenery. How do you feel when you walk into your home or business? Do you feel enlivened, excited, relaxed, or more of, “Ughh, something is off but I’ll get to it later.”  Look no further, King Love and Queen Clarity are here raise the vibes of your home. Zmear Kallé has 3+ Years of experience in interior design, decorating, and staging homes. Recently, Zmear and Brandi had the opportunity to stage a home and we realized a new partnership bonding experience. Queen clarity focuses on cleaning and reorganizing whole King Love remains aware of decor positioning  and placement. Together we are change.  

Feng shui comes natural for us as we can empathically sense where things feel most comfortable in your home and or business. The table in your living room may feel better in the master bedroom; or the picture hung in the hallway may actually hang better in the foyer. Zmear uses the power of Feng Shui to move things you already own in your home into their proper place and position. As a freelance interior designer and stager we have a vast knowledge of not only how to make your space look and feel great, but also how to manage a design project, hire contractors and get the work done within your budget. We can help you with a renovation, get you started with a new home or transform your rooms. We can also be your interior decorator if your project is mostly focused on changing your home's aesthetic, style or decor.

With 20+ years of experience in fashion sewing and art design Zmear Kallé can also produce curtains, pillows, reface ottomans, benches, and stools; sew slip covers, hand paint canvases, walls, ceilings and floors. What we can’t do our trusted and insured contractors can and will when it comes to building and adding new rooms, decks and features to your home. 

Book us for your free estimate. Virtual or physical walk through are available upon request. Be ready for the conscious change!