I am sooo appreciative of my connection with all that exist. There’s nothing or no one standing in my way therefore I choose clear conscious opportunities for positive manifestations. This here is one of them...made some “big boy”  changes recently which has led me to rendezvous with more light beings who speak the same language as I. 


I’m appreciative for my connection with Christine Michaels an angel who leads self-less acts of kindness at The Greater Fayetteville Chamber (President) Dr. Christine has nothing but the best interest for her city and those who reside in it and words cannot express the pleasure I have being in her presence. 💚💚💚Co-creating with the Chamber Team and The Insurance Guy on multiple fronts to bring more awareness to the City of Fayetteville   about African-American Owned businesses in Fayetteville from the past to present in partnership with Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum. 


Tommy Gee Mixx James Alexander Snow (bigg snowdogg) & Sunny blessings at 104.5 Wccg Hip-Hop and R&b Station. Blessed my entire soul with their diligence and patience with me as we experienced some technical opportunities for growth. Much respect! ✊🏾 


Thank you to the hairstylist Gabrielle McCoy  makeup artist Terrill Allison  wardrobe stylist Kyndle Taylor and photograpaher Winston Stewart for showing up and assisting with the ZK vision! I love artists with their own vision and a focus that is cohesive with the vision of others. Photography also by Christopher Smith 👠💅🏾💇🏽‍♀️💃🏾


Now that the  #KULTURETRIBE  Brandi Crenshaw Lindsey D. Locklear Kia Anthony Pershian Thompson Raqi Barnett Shamika Peterson Talisha Robinson Love Clarisse are strong in all areas except failing. They show up with a smile, they pump with an attitude and they leave everything on the runway/stage. They gave me and the whole city of Fayetteville “#HIGHVIBEZ” with their grace and fierceness. They held nothing back and you will not only hear but shall see more of #KULTURETRIBE in the near future.  Thank you everyone for your love and presence. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 LOVE, LIKE, SHARE! #LetsMakeThisGoViral #Let’sBookZmearKallé