Petrified Wood Pendant

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Petrified Wood Pendant

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Crystal System: Complex

Chemistry: Complex (fossilized wood replaced with manganese, iron oxides, copper, carbon, chromium, and manganese oxides)

Hardness: 8

Source: FOund worldwide in various forms  

Chakra: Cleanses and stabilizes all

Number: 77

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Planet: Neptune

Beneficial For: Immune system, joints, muscles, bones, feet, back, nervous system, lungs, motility, aging process and diseases of old age, disintegration and calcification, obesity, ddisturbed sleep patterns, ancestral DNA defects, chronic fatigue syndrome, genetic disorders, recovery from serious illness, reading the Akashic Record. 


Excellent  for grounding high vibrations into the earth, Petrified Wood carries ancient wisdom and long service to the planet. It assists in finding a mentor and supports the soul. Petrified Wood helps you wary less, except the things you cannot change, and make changes that are within your power. Stabilizing the environment, Petrified Wood assist oh buildings with structural problems. It is said to counter act ageism in the workplace.